Although alive to the many moments of genuine cross-confessional pollination in this excellent 500-year history of Salonica, Mark Mazower is equally careful not to neglect the more unsentimental truths. The method is well-suited to his subject, as there is unquestionably a dark and tragic arc to the city’s history.

The 26th AGROTICA event will be welcoming you once again to Thessaloniki from January 28 until Jan 31, 2016. Regularly keeping its appointment every two years, the largest international meeting of sector professionals presents the latest global developments concerning Machinery, Equipment and Supplies. Make sure you participate in the most important exhibition event promoting Agricultural Growth.

The 27th of September has been designated as World Tourism Day to highlight the contribution of tourism towards the international community. It is certainly worth promoting our nation's most productive industry. Joins us at #WTD2016

Thessaloniki celebrates today the Wold Cities Day, designed by the United Nations.

The Day is expected to greatly promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges of urbanization, and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world.

In the upper town of Thessaloniki you can visit Genti Koule (Heptapyrgio); originally a prison back in 1890 but nowadays one of the most famous historical monuments, beautifully surrounded by picturesque taverns and an astonishing view of the sea!

But here you can explore the hidden inside of the monument.

By the way, Heptapyrgio ('Επταπύργιο') means "The seven towers".

December, the last month of the year. But for Thessaloniki, it is probably one of the most active months. The weather is pretty cold but not cold enough to wear heavy clothes.
Take a look of the monument of Alexander The Great in Thessaloniki's beach by Theofil Savvakis. This is an image of a typical December evening.

Shooting views in this city. The Sun is always at 4500-5900K for 8 hours. Different architect. Different buildings. Different moods. Fog & sun. Rainy & sunny.
Thessaloniki was the favorite place for the great director Theodoros Angelopoulos!