How many stories have you ever imagined for a city. Thessaloniki has so many stories to tell us. And a heart made of such stories. The heart of the stories of the city...

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Thessaloniki is a city full of stories that have been unfolding over 2300 years. They are the stories of her people, of her visitors, of her friends.

Thessaloniki has many stories to tell us.

Add your story too and contribute to the heart-mosaic, made up of pebbles; The heart of the stories of the city!

While much of Greece struggles to attract tourists in difficult economic times, the country's second city Thessaloniki is enjoying a renewed interest.

Rajan Datar discovered that many were attracted to the city for its slower pace, history and culture and a new campaign for more visitors was being targeted at those on cruises, younger people and lesbian and gay tourists.

The year 2016 marks the 2400 birth anniversary of the great Greek thinker Aristotle.

In May 2016 year Thessaloniki will host the "World Congress on Aristotle: 2400 years" organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Aristotles studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Another Congress, dedicated to the great Greek, will take place in Athens on 10 July 20, 2016.

Greek summer would not be summer without the frappe, and here in Thessaloniki where it was "invented" we should probably put it on the city's coat of arms.

People are asking about frappe on Quora!

But why not come to Thessaloniki and drink as much ice coffee as you prefer?

A beautiful city with much ancient history, churches and monuments like The wight tower, Rotonda, Kamara, Agia Sofia, Agios Dimitrios and more.

Here is a very nice presentation of the city made by a local. Enjoy!

Jews played an important role in Thessaloniki and many parts of the city do have the memories written on them

Nowadays the visitor can visit Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, the Holocaust Memorial and one of the city’s two historic synagogues, Monastiriotes' Synagogue or "Yad Lezikaron" Synagogue.

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So this is technical but if you know this is the place to contribute to this project.

A great series of photo slideshows for Thessaloniki using old photos. Because there is nothing better than photos to remember your past.

Credits to the "Group Old Photos of Thessaloniki" on Facebook.

Here are some key phrases you have to know in order to familiarize yourself with the city. If you forget them don't worry we have a cheat-sheet for you!

- Frappe (iced coffee drink, friends and relax)
- Chalara (Relax, take it easy)
- Ti me les (What are you talking to me)
- Tsoureki (our traditional cake)
- Hey Kardasi (A way to say: "yo bro!")
- Bougatsa (our traditional pie)

Thessaloniki was first fortified by Cassander when he first founded it in 315 BC. The walls of Thessaloniki as we see them today are the result of construction, extension, and repair work that went on from the fourth century BC to the period of the Ottoman rule.

They were originally 8 km long. Unfortunately only 4 of them survive today...

But still the view is gorgeous!

It has been noted that Galis was not only a legendary scorer, but was also a great play maker and passer. The majority of his points scored came inside the paint due to his penetrating ability. Galis' midrange jumper was one of his biggest offensive weapons, being able to consistently pull it off under pressure. His post game was excellent as he used his strength and leaping ability to counter...

Thessaloniki (Greek: Θεσσαλονίκη [θesaloˈnici] ( listen)), also known in English as Thessalonica or Salonica, is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia, the administrative region of Central Macedonia and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace.

Enjoy this night roadtrip!

You're my heart's pride
Beautiful and sweet Thessaloniki
And even if i live in seductress Athens
I sing about you every evening

Oh, beautiful Thessaloniki
Oh, I feel nostalgia long for your magic evenings

In your narrow streets
I lived the sweetest moments
Thousands of nights I serenaded
For all the bohemian hearts...

There is a movement in Thessaloniki where new startups and tech eventcome up every month.

The startup ecosystem consisted by professionals, innovative companies, young talents, and academic people is one of the most promising ecosystems in Greece.

Opencoffee, Frontamass, WeAreTogether, DevitConf, developer meetups etc are some of the events that prove this change.

You may not see the best football ever but there is one thing true for Thessaloniki. The football matches are more than a match, they are fiestas!

Here is an example of the pyroshow happening on a football game.

You will never get bored on a football game in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki itself never doubted its own cultural identity and its millennia of existence, it stands there since 315BC. No wonder it was chosen as the co-reigning city of the Byzantine Empire alongside Constantinople – to prove just that there are several Paleochristian monuments, constituting a Unesco World Heritage Site.

If you come after a crazy night in Thessaloniki you should know there is an old habbit: eating patsas on a historic restaurant.

Patsas is basically a soup from pork leg and pork belly, the parts of the pork that very few want to eat.

But it is a medicine for your stomach after you get drunk!